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If you’re looking for a great game, Crazy Time is a perfect choice. This classic game can be found in casinos worldwide and is one of the most popular bonus games from Evolution Gaming. You can play for free or real money, making it perfect for players at all experience levels.

The game is played with a 52-card deck, and you’ll need to know how to deal cards before you start playing. There are no hidden terms or conditions — sign up today and start playing right away!

Best Indian Casino Sites for Crazy Time

Crazy Time is a great game to start playing casino bonus games. We are here to tell you that there are many Crazy Time casinos in India, but we have selected the best site for you.

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Although Betway is most renowned for its fantastic live casino games, you can play Crazy Time Live, it also features an outstanding sports betting section. They also provide a ton of other thrilling live gaming programs.

Betway Casino offers a wide variety of bonus games from top developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, and Evolution Gaming. There are more than 200 games available, including poker, baccarat, roulette, cash hunt and blackjack. Additionally, there are many HD and 3D slot machines accessible.

Casino Days

Casino Days is another popular online casino in India, and it’s easy to see why. The site offers many games from some of the best software providers around. It’s also one of the few sites where you can play Crazy Time casino for real money.

Crazy Time is available at Casino Days as part of its massive catalog of live games. It’s a proprietary version of Crazy Time from NetEnt and features some exciting bonuses, including up to 500 free spins with a deposit of just £10 or more.

Casino Days offers desktop and mobile versions of Crazy Time, so you can play whenever it suits you best. The site also has excellent customer support if you have questions or problems with your account or payment methods.

Pure Win

Pure Win is one of the best Crazy Time Casino Sites in India. It provides all the features required for a casino site, including slots, roulette, blackjack, and poker; it offers a wide range of games and has excellent customer support service. The site also offers free spins on some of its best slots.

In any case, they provide a great live casino such as Crazy Time, and a vast selection of online casino games from across the globe.

This site is a great place to start playing if you have never played. It has some of the best features players are looking for, such as offering bonuses and promotions to help boost their winnings.

Bollywood Casino

Bollywood Casino is an online casino that offers various games for players. The site has everything from slots and table games to video poker and jackpot slots. Players can access the site through their desktop computer or mobile device.

Bollywood Casino offers various games from some of the best software providers in the industry, including NetEnt, Microgaming, Play N GO, and Rival Gaming. The casino has a wide selection of slots that include titles such as Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest, and Mega Fortune, among others.

The Crazy Time game is one of the latest additions to Bollywood Casino’s game selection. It is an exciting game that can be played on desktop and mobile devices.


10Cric Casino is a new online casino that allows you to enjoy the best sports betting games. The site has a great selection of slots, table games, and live casino games. You can also enjoy a variety of betting options at 10Cric Casino.

The casino offers players various sports betting opportunities, including football, basketball, tennis, and more. If you are looking for something different, you can bet on eSports or e-sports matches. 10Cric Casino is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

The latest game at 10Cric Casino is Crazy Time. This game is designed to give you the ultimate gaming experience, and it will keep you busy and entertained for hours on end.

The best thing about Crazy Time is that it has a progressive jackpot, which means that any player who gets five of the same symbol on their payline will win the progressive jackpot prize!

How to play Crazy Time

To start playing Crazy Time, all you need to do is click on the “Play Now” button and wait for the game to load. The base game of Crazy Time is a lucky wheel, where you place bets on what number you believe the wheel flapper will stop on.

There are 54 separate areas on the Crazy Time wheel, and each one represents either a number (1, 2, 5, or 10) or a bonus game. With each new round, a spins above the Crazy time wheel, awarding a random multiplier to either the numbers or a bonus game.

Players may participate in Crazy time by placing wagers on whatever number or bonus game they think the flapper will land on. If it lands on your number, you win immediately, and if it lands on your bonus game, you continue on to that game, which has its own set of rules.

Bonus Games at Crazy Time Live Dealer

The bonus rounds at Crazy time are Coin flip, Ponchiko, and cash hunt bonus rounds . Each crazy time bonus has different rules and pays out different amounts depending on the game.

Pachinko  Bonus Round

All the multipliers appear at the bottom of the screen in the Pachinko bonus game, piled one on top of the other. All you have to do is tell the host where to drop the puck; if you’re lucky, it’ll fall to the conclusion you want.

Cash Hunt Bonus Game

The Crazy Time cash hunt is one of the bonus round which features a shooting gallery similar to those found at carnivals. The screen fills with rows of multipliers, the highest of which may be 100x. After that, the winning multipliers are hidden behind moving shooting targets and shifted around the screen. You’ll next be given a window of opportunity to choose a target and fire at it in order to uncover your reward. The 100x win is out there; you need a little luck to uncover it.

Coin Flip

Another crazy time bonus round is the coin flip with just two choices: red or blue. When a coin is flipped, the multiplier it reveals corresponds to one of its sides. Prior to the coin toss, a win multiplier is generated and assigned to each side. The outcome of a coin flip bonus game is determined by the color that comes up.

Crazy Time Bonus Game

Crazy Time bonus-game is a bigger version of the regular game’s lucky wheel, featuring three flappers instead of one. Green, blue, or yellow flapper, then spin the crazy time wheel. Wheel may land on a multiplier, double, or triple. Double or triple multipliers trigger a respin.

Crazy Time Game Rules

The only fundamental requirement to play Crazy Time is to wager on the opening money wheel.

If you want to take part in the bonus games, it is crucial that you wager on them. Players must have a wager in progress on the bonus game when it is activated to be eligible to play.

If you don’t decide on any of the three bonus games where interaction is required before time runs out, the game will make one for you. Said, you are not going to lose points for not picking.

Return to Player

The return-to-player percentage for Crazy Time is between 95 and 96%. On the other hand, this is determined by the part of the table on which you make your wager, as shown in the chart below.

Take into consideration that Crazy Time is a dangerous game. This suggests that the game will provide you with maximum win, but only seldom with significant ones.

Crazy Time Payouts and Bets

Crazy Time gives you eight symbols to wager, four numbers to choose from, and four distinct bonus features. The money wheel consists of 54 different sections.

A green or red circle adjacent to each segment number represents the segment’s symbol count. There are at least two symbols available for that section if the light is green (thus, higher chances of winning). If it’s a single red dot, it signifies that you may use just one symbol for that section (and therefore lower the chances of winning).

Crazy Time Casino App

One would think such a complex game would be limited to computer players, but that is not the case. We would even say that Crazy Time from Evolution Gaming works best on mobile devices!

With an optimized screen and high-quality live stream, this live game will deliver flawless entertainment, whether you use an Android or iOS device.

You can enjoy it through your mobile browser by visiting your favorite casino site or downloading a Crazy Time casino app. There are plenty of casino apps to choose from that offer the Crazy Time game by Evolution.

How to Download the Crazy Time Game

The Crazy Time casino game is simple to download through a casino app. The instructions for downloading the Crazy Time game with a casino app are below.

  1. Choose your favorite casino and play Crazy Time live.
  2. Begin downloading using an apk from the casino’s website or the Apple App Store.
  3. Install the crazy time app.
  4. Access your casino account.
  5. Start having fun with Crazy Time wheel!

Crazy Time-Winning Strategies

To find the best tactic for winning at Crazy Time, many players turn to the internet. Like so many others in casinos, this game is just a matter of chance. While luck may play a role, there are ways to increase your chances of success. If you’re looking for some advice, you can always use these methods:

Choosing the most frequently occurring numbers increases your chances of winning.

A bit of standard advice for placing bets in Crazy Time is to go with a number that shows up frequently. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a number with more digits. In light of this, multi-segmented numbers might be worth looking into.

Bet modestly at first.

If you’re new to Crazy Time, start with small bets and work your way up. That way, financial loss is minimized.

You can place a wager on a number and a bonus wager simultaneously.

Betting on a high-frequency number and a bonus round simultaneously is another option. The payout of the number will cancel out any other bet you have placed if you do not hit the bonus round.


Crazy Time is a simple top slot game that is easy to understand, but you’ll have to be soundly strategic to win the jackpot. It’s a fun game that’s easy to get into and won’t cost you too much time to boot. If you’ve got a minute or so to spare, pick up Crazy Time and give it a try!


How to play crazy Time?

To start playing Crazy Time, you need to make a winning wager on one of the eight available slots on the wheel and have the wheel land on that spot after it has been spun. When the bonus game is triggered, you can play it if you successfully wager on one of the four Bonus games.

Where can I play crazy Time?

Many online casinos offer the crazy time bonus game. You can play the game on your computer or mobile phone, wherever you are. You can also play it if you want to while waiting in a queue at the bank or airport.

How to win in crazy Time?

To win in crazy time game, you need to get three or more matching symbols along a payline. You can also win by hitting two wild symbols on any position on the reels.