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In 2018, Evolution Gaming released live Lightning Roulette as an official casino game. Evolution gaming has received the global gaming awards and EGR’s game of the year severally. The casino game is designed with advanced RNG gameplay to give the players a complete gaming experience. Besides the plausible features in the game, the game awards the users with extra opportunities to maximize their wins through Lucky numbers, lightning roulette odds and Lucky payouts. User-friendly options such as placing different types of wagers, multiple game round detailed statistics, and an easily navigable platform have been implemented.

Best Casinos to Play Lightning Roulette

Most gambling casinos with Evolution gaming as their software game provider have made Lightning Roulette bets and other live casino games available in their online casino section. Many live indian casinos cater to betting on Lightning Roulette, but only a few are recommended regarding welcome bonuses, platform navigation, and other factors.

Here are some of the best casinos offering Lightning Roulette:

Top Casinos
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15% in Bet Credits
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With 100% Match Bonus
Make a 1st deposit of ₹1,500 and you will receive a ₹1,500 bonus.
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New Live Casino customers only

To withdraw bonus and any winnings associated with it, user needs to played through amount 50x the applicable bonus granted – i.e. ₹500 Bonus granted would require ₹25,000 to be played through before the bonus and any associated winnings can be withdrawn.

Get up to:
INR 250,000
With 200% Welcome bonus
7 games
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2500 INR
With Exclusive welcome bonus of 100%
7 games
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With 170% Match Bonus
Make a 1st deposit of ₹1,000 and you will receive a ₹1,700 bonus.
7 games
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With 100% First Deposit Bonus
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INR 500
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T&Cs Apply
New Live Casino customers only
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With 150% Match Bonus
Make a 1st deposit of ₹1,000 and you will receive a ₹1,500 bonus.
7 games
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INR 90,000
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Top 3 Lightning Roulette Casinos 2023

As much as many casinos offer live lightning roulette, using some casinos have proven to be better than others and this is judging from the odds and high chances of winning on these platforms. Betway, Dafabet, and Bollywood casino are the top three recommended online casinos.


While playing Lightning Roulette on Betway, some of the uphills of the platform are that you are subjected to a multiplier ranging from 50x to 500x on straight up bets made in every game round. The multiplier is applied when the lightning tends to hit one out of the five numbers, and if your number is stricken, you will receive a payout that is more than the initial and with the range on Betway. This just makes sense why Betway is one of the best online live casino when considering Lightning Roulette.


Dafabet is currently one of the best live online casinos offering Live Lightning Roulette. The bonuses given by Dafabet are mostly enticing using the live casino. The bonuses by Dafabet are tailored to suit the needs of different players and games. When playing Lightning Roulette on Dafabet, you will receive regular bonuses, which are listed in RM currency, which is understandable judging from the platform’s targeted demographic area.

Constant product innovation like The in-app features were also updated, and some minor features, such as the electrifying sound effects of lightning when the random number is stricken. This makes playing the game an even more action, realistic, enjoyable, and fast paced experience. Hence lightning roulette adds immersive user experience.


Although Lightning Roulette is not like other regular games, all the regular betting options are provided for the user. All straight-up bets placed by the user qualify for the multiplier wins, which might slightly increase your payout. The site also as an electrifying user interface

Once all bets have been placed, 5 separate numbers are selected, and each of these numbers is assigned lightning multipliers of 50x,100x,200x,300x, 400x, and 500x.

Lightning Roulette Games in India

The Lightning Roulette game is one of the popular roulette games in Indian online casinos. It, however, has some variations of it; there is Live Lightning roulette and Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette. The difference between the two games is very slight. Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette was released shortly after Lightning Roulette which means it has a few advancements and features compared to the first version. This does not necessarily mean that it is better.

Lightning Roulette

This game is played the same way as any basic European roulette game. The roulette players make bets then the live dealer throws the ball into the spinning roulette. After the spin, If the roulette ball lands on a number on the wheel, the player who bet for the number is the winner.

The only noticeable difference is that in Lightning Roulette, there are multipliers. At the beginning of every round, around five numbers are selected, and the lucky numbers that are struck by lightning receive a payout that has received the designated lightning multipliers. The multiplier usually ranges from 50x to 500x and is not fixed.

To receive the multiplier from the lucky number, you are required to make a straight-up bet, and all the other bets placed have the same payout as standard roulette.

Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette

This is an advanced Evolution’s Lightning roulette where the game is more realistic with better features and sound effects. Unlike other usual roulette bets, The India lightning roulette is designed to give you a rush of adrenaline while you play the game. In this game, the multipliers tend to reach 2000x. This has been made possible by the game’s unique chain lightning lucky numbers. The same applies for live lightning roulette.

Naturally, as the game begins, five lucky numbers are placed, and the dramatic chain lightning features add the number to nine numbers. The real adrenaline rush comes when the double feature is implemented. The chain lightning round can hit any of the numbers and award a 2000 multiplier to your bet and other bets placed.

Lightning Roulette Vs Other Roulette Games

Regular Roulette is undeniably entertaining, but Lightning Roulette brings a new level and experience to the table. With lightning Roulette, the player experience is improved through features such as giving the user extra chances to win the game. The game also has variations such as Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette which has extra features such as increased lucky numbers to nine.

Another enticing feature portrayed by Lighting Roulette is the fact that the game has put multipliers that increase the payout the players receive when they land a number with a huge multiplier. This feature that other roulette games do not have making Live roulette slightly better.

Other roulette casino games don’t necessarily require you to bet on real money, but Lightning Roulette allows you to stake your money with the hope of landing the lucky number and receiving more in the roulette game round.

Unlike other Roulette casino games, Lightning Roulette has other variations of it. In this case, an advanced version of Lightning Roulette was released with the lacking features added and new and exciting features added. This version is called Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette. For other roulette games, once a game is released, only a few updates will be done to it once in a while.

The payout system for Lightning Roulette is different from other Roulette games. For won straight-up bets, other roulette games pay 36:1 while Lightning Roulette pays 30:1

Lightning Roulette Payouts

The Payout system for this game is designed to favor the users. While regular roulette casino games give the players a designated payout of 36: 1, Lightning Roulette has a 30: 1. However, other bets, such as splits, corners, red/black, and dozens which are unmultiplied, receive the same as standard roulette.

Lightning Roulette Multipliers

 By now we all know how multipliers work in Lightning Roulette. A certain number is assigned a multiplier and if this number happens to be the lucky number and was chosen by the player, the payout is increased by simply being multiplied.

Lightning Roulette’s multipliers tend to range from 50x to 500x which enables the players to maximize their wins.

In the Xxxtreme Lightning Roulette the multipliers are insanely high which may happen to influence the bets placed by the user. In this variation of Lightning Roulette, the multipliers range from 50x to 2000x.

Lightning Roulette Apps 

Accessing this game on your browser is a tedious task. As a user you might hope for any other simple way to access the platform and what other device is simpler to use than your cellphone. A mobile app was designed to simplify the accessibility of the game 

With a mobile phone app, all you need is a stable internet connection and all your betting is reduced to a tap on your cellphone. Most or all betting platforms in the Indian market tend to have a mobile phone casino app.

Downloading these apps is also a very simple procedure where you go to the browser version of the platform you wish to download the app to click on the download link, launch the app on your phone and you can begin playing Live Lightning Roulette on your phone.

Lightning Roulette Strategy

Clearly, this is a game of pure luck as no skill is required for you to choose a random numbers. As much as the game is considered a game of luck, there is always a loophole and a strategy can be put in place by the player to try and maximize their payout.

The most common strategies employed by the players are :the lightning focus strategy, the spread across all numbers strategy and the split your bet strategy

When considering the Lightning focus strategy, you will divert all your focus to the previous game results. Here you are placing your bet on the numbers with the higher frequency of appearances and hope the sequence will continue in your favor. It is advised that you place your bets on single numbers and maximize your chances of the lightning landing on them. You should also keep in mind that this is a high risk high reward strategy as the numbers may not always receive a high multiplier.

The Spread across all numbers frequency requires you to place your bet on multiple numbers in the roulette game . In doing so, you are increasing the possibility of the lightning halting on one of your lightning or you may end up with lucky numbers which work just as effectively. This tactic reduces the risk when you place your usual roulette bets.

The Split your bet strategy, splits your focus between both the inside and outside bets to increase the probability of you winning on a specific round. Here you are blending multiple inside bet numbers and outside bet numbers or you can also focus on one outside bet to increase your chances of winning. This strategy can be classified together with classic roulette strategies like the Martingale. This gives the user a better understanding on when to change their betting habits or bet values. This strategy has proven to work effectively.

You can also apply the strategy where you place strict limits. In doing so, you will ensure that you are placing roulette bets that are in correspondence with your budget. This will also make you consider the amount that you will be willing to place on your bets in a single round. This strategy helps reduce the risk as you are not putting too much at stake. This also helps you to play responsibly.

This strategy is mostly effective when you are planning on placing multiple bets on any round you choose to play.

You can decide to implement a traditional roulette strategy which has safer odds. You will majorly focus on the outside bets that pose a 50/50 possibility of winning. You focus on a single betting style and mix it up between black /red, even/ odd and high/low. Here, each bet type might award a 1:1 payout for successful wins made.

Lightning Roulette FAQ

How to play Lightning Roulette live

First, find lightning roulette on your browser. To place this you simply place your roulette bets on your desired numbers and wait for the lightning to strike the random lucky number and if it lands on your chosen number you will receive a payout in accordance to the roulette wheel. Finding lightning roulette is easy as there is a browser website.

How to win Lightning Roulette in love casino

There is no particular method that can be used to win the game as it is a game of luck .You can however employ some strategies to enhance your chance at winning compared to your usual roulette bets. This live casino game has won the global gaming awards.

What is the best Online casino to play Lightning Roulette

At the moment, the best online Indian casinos to play this game are Betway, Dafabet and Bollywood Casino.

What is the best strategy for live Lightning Roulette

Considering the frequency of appearance of certain numbers gives you a higher chance at a bigger payout.