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The mega Wheel is the first ever live casino by Pragmatic play. It was developed in late 2020. It has proven to be a thrilling casino game, as it makes you feel as if you are watching an immersive popular live TV game show, and the thrill and adrenaline that comes from the live casino game pulls in more players and keeps the regular players glued. It is played in a colorful studio with amazing game features. Mega Wheel is also called the Wheel of fortune.

Mega Wheel also has live presenters who engage with the players throughout the pragmatic play games who answer queries from you and other players, making it more entertaining and authentic. The optimal theoretical RTP of the Mega wheel is usually 96.5%.

Best Casinos to Play Mega Wheel

Several online casinos have made it possible to play live Mega Wheel possible on their platform. All these sites use Pragmatic Play’s games and hold the UK Gambling Commission and Malta Gaming Authority licenses.

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Top 5 Mega Wheel Casinos 2023

Several online casinos offer Mega Wheel in their Live casino section, but according to user ratings, only a few can be considered the best among them. Let us focus on the following live online casinos. Bollywood Casino, Betway, Casumo, Dafabet, and Pure win. These are the best casinos to play Mega Wheel in terms of the number of segments in the game, platform navigation, bonus rounds, and several other features.


Bollywood casino is among the best online casinos offering Mega Wheel. Bollywood casino gives the possibility of winning up to 500 times the bet placed. Game features available on the casino are Advanced bet validation, Autoplay, and Bet on all. The Bet on all feature allows the player to place all nine bets on the same bets, consequentially increasing the possibility of winning.

A reasonable number of payment methods have been made available for the user to avoid strains when picking a deposit and withdrawal platform.


Betway’s casino section is designed for Mega wheel punting and has several advantages. On this platform, the player is enabled to increase their stakes from 40 times to a maximum of 500 times. The game is played in real time and is a live dealer game , which makes Mega Wheel more realistic and enjoyable.

A welcome bonus is given after the Mega Wheel player makes their first deposit, and the deposit can be used to place bets on the betting site and your mobile devices. You should note that you can not withdraw the bonus unless you have fulfilled the punting requirements.

The minimum deposit on Betway is a reasonable amount of $10, and on deposits made above $750, a 100% bonus is given.


Casumo is one of the online casinos where you can play live Mega Wheel for free or place real bets, whichever you prefer. Casumo Casino has also gained masses as it is one of the online casinos that reward real money in bonuses.

Casumo Casino enables the players to experience a full experience by incorporating live dealers in the platform, and the players do not go through the trouble of leaving their houses.


The Dafabet casino section offers Mega Wheel in their casino section, and the in-game added features are commendable. These features make the game feel more real and interesting. The game offers 4K cameras at multiple angles to increase the players’ view.

Apart from the above feature, an autoplay button is provided. This helps you fasten your gameplay as you can repeat the same numbers for multiple rounds by clicking on the autoplay button.

When playing the wheel of fortune game, the animation changes with every round. This additional feature tends to make the game more lively and colorful.

Pure Win

Pure win comes in handy in the language options that it portrays. The language options available on Pure win are English, Spanish, Chinese, and German, among others.

Pure win also accepts over 100 currencies enabling you to play Mega Wheel from all over the world.

How to Play Pragmatic Mega Wheel Live

Mega Wheel game is one of the most straightforward live casino games by Pragmatic play because all you are required to do is bet on a number or many, whichever works best for you. The game layout visible on your screen is colorful and easy to understand.

A presenter hosts the show, and on the screen is a big colorful money wheel placed at the center of the studio. Bets should be placed within 15 seconds 

Once the bets are placed, the RNG will provide the multiplier with a random number then the presenter is given the green light to spin the Wheel. The 4k cameras that have been strategically placed capture the action giving a close-up of the Mega lucky number the Mega Wheel lands on. The RTP of Mega Wheel is 96.51%. As a basic betting strategy, wager the same amount on every number 

Unlike other live casino games by Pragmatic play and other live casino games providers, the betting range supported by Mega Wheel is wide, enabling the players to have fun and enjoy it. The mega Wheel has nine numbers offering nine betting options. You can wager one or more numbers or all of them.. This is a game feature called bet on all.

Before you play mega wheel game, you should know that it is purely based on luck, and no known strategy can be applied.

The money wheel consists of 54 segments, and the 9 betting options made available are 1,2,5,8,10,10,15,20,30, and 40. On the money wheel, the segments are represented by the betting options.

Number Segments

From the nine betting options provided, here is how they have been distributed on the Wheel

  • 20 segments with the number 1
  • 13 segments with the number 2
  • 7 segments with the number 5
  • 4 segments with the number 8
  • 4 segments with the number 10
  • 2 segments with the number 15
  • 2 segments with the number 20
  • 1 segments with the number 30
  • 1 segments with the number 40

The fewer segments a number has, the lower the chances of winning are because each number represents a maximum multiplier that applies to your wager.

The Multipliers

At the beginning of every round, random multipliers are added. Multipliers tend to range from 5x to 500x where 500x is the maximum multipliers. Note that these multipliers are not incorporated into the Wheel. The numbers with a lower representation on the Wheel are more likely to receive a maximum multiplier. This is because each number represents a multiplier that applies to your wager. Its best if you can get a multiplier on the first few spins to help you win big when the wheel stop spinning..

  • Number 1 can get a multiplier of 100x
  • Number 2 can get a multiplier of 200x
  • 5,8 and 10 can get a multiplier of 250x
  • 15,20,30 and 40 can get a multiplier of 500x

If you place your bet on a number that has been assigned a maximum multiplier, you will receive a payout according to the stated multiplier. Instead of receiving the original payout, you will receive the multiplied payout and this is decided when the money wheel stops

Mega Wheel Betting Strategy

As much as Mega Wheel is a game of luck, there is always a window to incorporate tactics. No betting strategy can help you increase your odds or lower the house edge; you have to view it as betting, and in betting, there is always a trick. However, its better to have some betting strategies.

Bet on all the Numbers

This Mega Wheel strategy allows the users to place bets on all 9 numbers, and you can use this tactic as you are sure it must land on one of the numbers. If you land win multipliers, your payout will be more than the initial payout, but if you land low payout numbers, you might lose more than you win. This strategy is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. Placing several bets for example four bets can be a good strategy to cover for 50% of the potential outcomes. We recommend betting on 2 bets on lower numbers and on one high number.

Bet on a Single Number

When you bet on a number, you consider the probability of the number being landed on and the possible size of the multiplier it might be assigned. You just pick a number and hope it multiplies in your favor.

Bet on a Selection of Numbers

In this strategy, you reduce the numbers you are placing bets on in the Mega Wheel game by Pragmatic play. You can narrow down the numbers to one or just a few. When the Wheel is spinning, it is obvious that every number has a one out of nine possibility of the wheel landing on it, and you take this chance also based on the number of times a number appears on the Wheel. You must consider which numbers the Wheel has landed on severally and place your bet on these numbers only. This saves you from risking your money by placing bets on all numbers, even those unlikely to win.

Here you can choose to place your bet on all low numbers. The recommended numbers are 1, 2, and 5. This is because the number 1 has 20 segments on the Wheel, 2 has 12 segments, and 5 has 7 segments on the Wheel. If you place your bets on these three numbers, you have covered 45 segments out of the 54 segments on the Wheel, which makes the chance of you winning the game-high and makes it a thrilling game in turn.

Mega Wheel Payout and Probabilities

In Mega Wheel casino live game, there are no bonus bets. Every wheel spin allows you to win a multiplier of up to 500x, which only applies if you select the numbers assigned to that multiplier. Multipliers aside, every number grants its face value as the payout. In simpler terms, this means that the number one is worth 1: 1, and the number two is worth 2: 1, and it continues with this format.

As earlier stated, the Mega Wheel casino game contains 54 segments with nine different numbers; we will take the liberty of showing you the frequency appearance and payouts of the numbers.






1 20  1:1 37.03%
2 13  2:1 24.07%
5 5:1 12.96%
8 4 8:1 7.40%
10 4 10:1 7.40%
15 2 15:1 3.70%
20 2 20:1 3.70%
30 1 30:1 1.85%
40 1 40:1 1.85%


Live Mega Wheel FAQ

How to play Mega Wheel live

First, you will have to place a bet where you have 15 seconds to select a number either on the browser version or Mega Wheel app. You can choose more numbers, which is the minimum, or 9, which is the maximum after each game round. A multiplier is assigned to the numbers before the presenter spins the Mega Wheel by an RNG engine. After the Wheel is spun, a number is selected, and the Wheel stops at the number.

How to win Mega Wheel in a live casino

There is no definite way to win the game, but you can apply strategies like betting on all numbers, betting on a single number, or betting on multiple numbers.

What is the best online casino to play Mega Wheel

Dafabet, Betway, Casumo, Pure win, and Bollywood are the most recommended casinos. Some of the popular games you can start playing at the casinos are Mega Sic Bo, Dream Catcher, and Crazy Time.

What is the best strategy for Mega Wheel live

Betting on several numbers with high multipliers seems to be the best strategy as it poses a low risk.